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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Unable to Recover the Hacked Gmail Account!! What to do??

Don’t panic, if your Google account has been hacked. As it provides many ways to easily recover hacked Gmail account.Nowadays, millions of accounts are getting hacked due to many reasons as there are a number of ways to hack. Users should need to take severe measures to make their account secure. They can enable two-step verification for safety. But what to do when your account gets hacked, here we are providing you the complete procedure to recover G Suite account when it gets compromised. 

You just need to go through these steps:

  •          First, you need to visit Google account Sign in page and press on Need help? Link.

  •          It will take you to the Google Account Recovery page. Then, you need to choose I don’t know my password option on that page and type your Gmail address and press on the Continue button to proceed further.

  • Now, you will view a Captcha form, so you need to enter the code in the given field and press Continue. Then, you need to type your last remember password and press Continue or simply select I don’t know option.

  • Now, Google will take you to the basic password reset page. If you forgot your Gmail password, but not when it’s hacked. It’s because the hacker may have already modified all those details so you won’t be able to recover easily using any of those options. Now, the only way to recover the password of your account is to use the Verify your identity option.

  • This page will take you to an account verification process. So you need to confirm your identity by answering multiple numbers of questions about your account asked by the Google.

  • We advise you to give the answer of the questions correctly as possible because the strength of your given answers will decide if they can return your account or not and if you’re not sure about something then you can provide your best guess.

If the information that you’ve given matches with the information on your G Suite account, then you will be able to reset the password of your account. Otherwise, Google will notify you that the details you’ve provided do not match with the information on the account. You have one chance more to submit the form once again with the correct information. For more information, you can directly give a call on the official toll-free Gmail customer service number for assistance.