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Sunday, 5 February 2017

How can I resolve constant "Sign-in Error" in Gmail Android App?

Gmail is one of the most popular mail service developed by Google Inc. Millions of people use this webmail service for their personal or commercial purpose. With the help of Gmail, you can easily communicate with your old friends and families. You can even share photos, videos or any data up to 25 MB which you want to share. It’s free to use, you just need to create a Google account and password to access Google Email Account. The user can access Gmail through many platforms like android, iOS, or another supported web browser. Gmail Android App is always working on its advanced features and functionalities to improve the experience of the user.

In case, your Google email account is not getting synced properly with Gmail Android App, there are certain consequences you may face due to this critical issue.
·         Unable to send mail, or mail is stuck in a draft folder.
·         Problem receiving new messages.
·         Cannot access inbox and read or reply messages.
·         Gmail App not responding.
·         If you are not receiving any notifications, you need to check your Gmail Notification settings.
In case, you are not receiving any mail from Yahoo, Outlook, or other third party webmail accounts. You need to open your Gmail account on another device as well as search for the solution from that email service provider.
If you do not find anything then try these troubleshooting steps given below.
These are some troubleshooting steps which will definitely help you to fix the syncing error which you may face while using Gmail Android App.
·         To get the latest solution of the issues with receiving or sending mail, you need to update your Gmail application.
·         Reboot your device.

·         You need to switch off the Airplane mode.

Ø  Browse to your device's Settings and click on the Settings buttons.

Ø  Press More and then turn "Airplane mode" off. If you face any issue while syncing then don’t hesitate to give a call on official Gmail customer service number 1-844-773-9313(USA) available on the web.

·         You need to check Gmail sync settings.

Ø  First, open the Gmail app Gmail.
Ø  Press Menu on the left and then click Settings.
Ø  Click on your account.
Ø  Ensure that the box next to "Sync Gmail" is checked.

·         You need to confirm your tablet or phone settings

Ø  First, you need to open your device's Settings.
Ø  You need to press the Accounts, under “Personal”.
Ø  Press More.
Ø  Ensure that the box next to "Auto-sync data" is checked.

·         You need to clean the storage.

              If your phone does not have much space left, syncing is not working. To clean your device:
Ø  First, you need to uninstall apps you don't use.
Ø  Remove your downloaded files or files you don’t need any more, or send files to your system.
Ø  Uninstall Google books, play music, movies, or TV shows you've downloaded and you don’t need any more. For more information, you can contact

·         Confirm your password.

Ø  First, open Gmail. If you can't log in or get one of the issues below, then sync won't work on the Gmail app.
Ø  If "Username and password not accepted",
Ø  If "Invalid credentials"
Ø  You're asked to type your username and password again and again.
Ø  Ensure that you are typing your username and password correctly.
Ø  If you use 2-Step Verification, you might need to log in using an application password instead of your regular password.

·         If you still can't log in. Delete your Gmail information.

Ø  First, you need to go to your device's Settings.
Ø  Press Apps and then Gmail.
Ø  Click on Clear data and then press OK.
Ø  You must need to restart your device.

After you try troubleshooting solution, check to see if the error is resolved. Still, if you face any difficulty while assessing Google webmail services due to persistent login problems, then you can also take help from techies by giving a call at legitimate Gmail toll-free number available on the internet.

Contact Now:

US: +1-844-773-9313  
UK: +44-800-051-3717 

AUS: +61-180-082-5192


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